We build it all, start to finish.

  Mobile Vending Truck Fabrications

Built to last and custom built, we guarantee all our food trucks to pass health inspection codes. Our food trucks are fire-insulated and built to order with your specific requests.

  Inspection Board Design Planning 

We use NSF approved and commercial grade equipment for all our vending units. Our builds come standard with fire insulation in case of emergency and we work with your custom requests to ensure you’re up to code.

  Vehicle Graphic Wrapping

We custom print all our graphics within our 15,000 square foot facility in Philadelphia. Have a custom print design? We’ll take care of the graphic wrapping hassle-free.

  Custom Lighting + More 

Whichever fits your needs, we’ll fabricate fixtures into the interior and exterior of the food truck / cart to make sure you get the visibility you need as well as custom build tables, countertops, and more.

The specifics.

  Food Trucks

Our food trucks are built to last and have been perfected over our years of experience. We insulate our builds with 1.5″ -2″ fireproof insulation and 24 Ga stainless steel metal sheets for extreme durability. Our trucks are guaranteed to pass all health department inspections across the country. For more information, please contact us.

Our Standard Features

  • diamond plated, stainless steel, or mirror stainless steel wrapping
  • commercially-made and NSF approved equipment (generally accepted within all US states)
  • 4 compartment sinks, equipped with 40 gal fresh water and 50 gal waste water tanks
  • custom-built tables and countertops
  • flat top, char-broiled grills, stoves, steamers
  • exhaust hood with buffer filters, grease traps, and commercial exhaust fans
  • fire systems provided but optional

  Food Carts

Our custom-built food carts come in many shapes and sizes. We ensure that our body chassis is constructed with thick stainless steel or steel of your choice (2 by 2, 3/8 in thick), fire insulated, and are designed to withstand a weight of 3000 lb. For more information, please contact us.

Our Standard Features

  • stainless steel mirror or non-shiny wrapping
  • 92 x 16 x 12 self-serving soda box, 5-cubic feet coolers
  • 60-inch serving window with drop-shelf
  • exhaust hood with commercial fans, buffer filters, and grease tracks over cooking station
  • 25 gallon fresh water compartment sink and 35 gallon waste tank
  • 19-inch wide custom made entrance door
  • 36 x 96 awning with hydraulic shocks
  • 2x 16lb. gas tank storage + 2000 watt generator storage
  • full 120 volt electrical system
  • additional storage space
  • Optional: Electronic signs on both sides of cart, 2×4 Skylight